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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Yvonne Nelson's Baby Daddy Denies Having Nigerian Baby Mama

Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy, Jamie Roberts has denied having a Nigerian baby mama, saying none of his three children has a Nigerian mother.
Jamie Roberts slammed an Instagram user who asked him if any of his children have a Nigerian mother, saying it was an extremely stupid question.
Recall back in 2017, a Nigerian born model, Keela was linked as his estranged wife and also the mother of his two older children. But the British photographer rubbished the claims that he was married to her.
Jamie took to his page to share a beautiful photo of all his kids including the youngest child who he welcomed with Yvonne Nelson and wrote;
This evening I was asked (and not for the first time) an EXTREMELY stupid question, so in the interest of apparent “interest” let me state something once and for all. I am in fact, a very lucky father of three unbelievably amazing children. But none of them, however, have a Nigerian mother. Have a great weekend ?? #naijamyths #stopbeingstupid.



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