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Sunday, 17 February 2019

She forced me to have s3x with her so that I could die of magun —Husband

•He brought his lovers home; almost stabbed me with a knife —Wife

Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has dissolved the union between a couple, Idowu Mukaila and Folorunso Mukaila.
Idowu had approached the court praying it to terminate her 25-year-old marriage to her husband on the accounts of lack of care, battery and violence. She added that the defendant was a drunk.
The plaintiff thus prayed the court to terminate their relationship and put their children in her care.
Folorunso acceded to divorce claiming that his wife was dubious in nature and that she wanted to kill him.
The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, after listening to the duo observed that their marriage had broken down irretrievably.
Ruling, he dissolved their marriage and awarded custody of their children to the plaintiff.
The defendant was mandated to pay the sum of N40, 000 every month for their children’s feeding. He was also ordered to be responsible for their education and general welfare.
Idowu stated that:”My husband has turned me into an invalid as a result of his constant beatings. He treats me like his maid and is in the habit of shouting on me and giving me orders.
“He has no regard for me and cares less about my feelings.  He constantly shelves his responsibility in the house while the responsibility of feeding, clothing and training our children in school has automatically become mine. His answer any time I request for money to meet the needs of the home is that of paucity of fund.
“But my lord, he has money to drink himself to stupor and lavish on his girlfriends whom he brings to our matrimonial home.  He insults me by bringing these women to our house. Any time I complain, he dismisses the issue with the wave of his hand.
“He once brought home one of these girls and a row ensued between us. He went for a knife and would have stabbed me with it but for our landlord who came to my rescue. He ended up cutting the landlord’s hand with the knife and he bled profusely,” she stated.
Folorunso who admitted to divorce told the court that contrary to what his wife had said he was devoted to his family and always sought after their welfare.
According to the defendant, the plaintiff is rather the dubious one.
Shedding more light on this, Folorunso stated that Idowu ran away from home after securing a loan from the micro finance bank and that he was the one who ended up paying back the loan.
“My wife is a dubious woman and has failed to lay good examples for our children. She borrowed money from a micro finance bank and disappeared from home when she was due to make a repayment.  I had to step in and offset the loan to save my family from embarrassment.
“My lord, she has always nurtured that plan to kill me, “the defendant added.
“She once forced me to have s3x with her and after we were through, she told me she initiated s3x because she learned that I laced her with magun. I would have been a dead man that night.
“I’ve lost my peace since I got married to her while I’m gradually losing my mind.
“My lord, I wish to have her out of my house and life forever. Please separate us, “he concluded.



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