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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Pastor Lukau’s resurrected man ‘arrested’ and exposed by old employer

- The infamous man that was brought back to life by Pastor Lukau has allegedly been arrested according to his former employer
- The man has been identified as Elliot and Brighton
- It is believed that Brighton also pretended to be wheelchair-bound for Lukau to miraculously give him the ability to walk again
The internet has been buzzing following the recent controversial news of a man resurrected by Pastor Lukau. The resurrected man has since been identified as Brighton who also goes by the name of Elliot as well.
Now, one of Brighton’s former employers has revealed the extent of his deception and that he has been arrested. The Citizen reported that Azania Mosaka interviewed Vincent, who Brighton had worked for at a wood-working factory in Pretoria. According to Vincent, Brighton was arrested on Tuesday, February 26 morning.
Vincent went on to reveal that Brighton had participated in other Lukau miracle stunts. It is claimed that he once pretended to be wheelchair-bound and allowed the pastor to enable him to walk again.
Africans already poked holes in the farce and identified old photos of Brighton working for the pastor as one of his cameramen.



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