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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

My mum feeds, clothes us while he spends his money on Indian hemp —Wife

•She insisted on marrying me, refused to abort our pregnancy —Man

indian hemp
The divorce case involving a couple, Oluwadara Bassey and Godwin Udon has been adjourned by Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State.
According to the divorce suit brought before the court, Oluwadara alleged that Godwin was negligent of his duties in the home, adding that she discovered he not only smoke cigarette, but also India hemp.
She stated that she was fed up with her husband and is no more in love with him. She thus prayed the court to terminate their union and grant her custody of their children.
The plaintiff also appealed to the court, if her prayer was answered, to restrain him from coming to harass or fight him at her dwelling place or work place.
“My husband is worse than an infidel. He believes that looking after my welfare and that of our children is not his business. He, therefore, doesn’t bother if we eat or not. Neither does he feel concerned if we are clad in decent clothes or rags.
“Worse is his negligence of our children’s education. I struggle to pay their fees, buy their books and school uniforms.
“My mum has been consistently supportive of us. She was the one responsible for my pre-natal and ante-natal care when I was pregnant with our only child. She also bought the baby items.
“Till date, she still gives me money to take care of my family and also buys us food stuff. A shameless person that he is, my husband will sit down and eat of my mum’s sweat without his conscience  condemning him.
“Any time I ask him for money, he will tell me he has none and will direct me to my mum.
“I took ill and had to move to my mum’s place because he is not a caring person. He didn’t check on me all the time I was there nor made any attempt at paying my medical bill. Again, it was my mum who played his role, “the plaintiff said.
“My lord, he acts irrationally and heaven is always let loose when he’s angry.
“He smokes cigarette but he hid this from me. I challenged him when I got to know about this; he slapped me and beat me to a pulp for having that effrontery to challenge him. I was afraid he would kill me.
“I never knew the worst was yet to come. I almost fainted when I later caught him smoking India hemp. He warned me never to interfere in his affair again.
“My lord, my life is no longer safe with a man that smokes Indian hemp like a chimney. I pray this honourable court to separate us, “she stated.
Godwin accepted to claim.
He told the court that: “My lord, I never had the intention of marrying my wife. She forced herself on me after I impregnated her while we were dating. I told her to abort the pregnancy because I was not interested in marrying her but she refused.
“I also called her attention to the fact that I’m from Calabar, but she still insisted on marrying me.
“She lied that her mum is the one feeding us. I give N8, 000 per month for food, but rather than go to the market where she will purchase these at cheap rates, she will buy them from retailers in the neighbourhood at high prices. When I complained, she told me the feeding allowance I gave her was small and that it was not worth the effort going to the market.
“I gave her N9, 000 to pay her medical bill when she was sick and being attended to by her mum. I also bought her provisions when recuperating, “the defendant stated.
After he had listened to both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje  adjourned the case and ordered both to come with their child and parents.



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