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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Man divorces wife for exposing kids to pornographic films

Ojo Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has dissolved the 11-year-old wedlock between a woman, Rasheedat  Ilias and her husband, Moruf  Liasu . Rasheedat had sought for divorce on the grounds of irresponsibility, battery and abandonment by her husband.
The plaintiff added that the defendant was unfaithful to her.
According to Rasheedat, Moruf suddenly changed his mind on their plan to formalise their union  at the registry and retrieved  from her the wedding ring meant to solemnize the union.
The plaintiff stated that she later learnt he had impregnated another woman which informed her decision to move out of his house with their three children.
The plaintiff while giving her evidence told the court that:”My lord, my 11-year-old marriage to my husband has been a turbulent one. I’ve known no peace from the day we got married.
“My husband was in the habit of fighting me over trivial issues and cared less about my welfare and that of our children. I became a regular face in the hospital because he would beat me blue black and leave me to nurse wounds and broken bones.
“On many occasions, he would abandon his responsibilities in the home and leave me and our children to sort ourselves out.  He later abandoned us for two years using the nature of his job as an excuse and never bothered how we survived.
“Our families mediated in our disputes without success. He later returned home after two years and efforts were made at formalizing our marriage. Plans were underway to have it done at the registry when to my shock, I discovered he had impregnated another woman.
“We fought over this and he retrieved from me the wedding ring meant for the occasion and refused to go on with our wedding plans.
“I moved out of his house with our three children and rented an apartment somewhere else. He later moved in with us but complained the rent was high when rent was due.
“I sent him packing since he refused to pay the rent and since then he has been threatening to make life unbearable for me, “she said.
Moruf acceded to divorce claiming that Rasheedat was arrogant and disobedient.
Contrary to the plaintiff’s claim, he stated that he cared for his family and constantly met their needs.
The defendant told the court his wife was lazy and that she was a bad cook.
According to him, he did the cooking any time he was around.
Moruf added that she was fond of going through his phone and laptop, a habit he frowned on.
He admitted taking another wife which made Rasheedat to start threatening him with knife.
“I took another wife because Rasheedat made our home uncomfortable for me.  I cook our meals  because she’s lazy and a bad cook.
“She was fond of monitoring my movement and looking through my phone and laptop.
“She resorted to threatening me with knife when she got to know about my new wife. After moving out of my house, she rented a new apartment at the rate of N500, 000 per annum and enrolled our children in an expensive school.
“She exposed our kids to pornographic films and corrupted their minds. They now practice what they watch in these films.
“My lord, she’s building a house but she kept this from me.
“I’m also tired of her, I agree to divorce and pray that the court grant me custody of the children because she doesn’t have time for them, “the defendant stated.
Ruling after listening to both parties, the court president, Chief Ademola Odunade dissolved their union and granted the defendant custody of their first and second children aged 10 and seven years respectively and the third, a four-year-old to the plaintiff.
The defendant was ordered to pay the sum of N5, 000 to the plaintiff through the court as their child’s feeding allowance and be responsible for his education and health care.
The defendant responding promised to give their child N15, 000 monthly instead of N5, 000.



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