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Sunday, 17 February 2019

He told me that in his town, women don’t ask their husbands for feeding allowance —Wife

•I said that so that she could also contribute towards the running of the home —Man

The Aremo Idiose Customary Court C, Agodi, Gate, Ibadan, Oyo State has handed a lifeline to the 7-year-old marriage of Omolade Akinola and Michael Ogini. Omolade had dragged her husband to court for being oblivious of the welfare of their children. She noted that her husband when charged about the upkeep of their children would beat her up and tell her that from the town he is from women do not collect money from their husband.
“My lord, our marriage is blessed with two children, but I left his place two years ago. He is not responsible for the upkeep of our children. He claimed that where he is from, women do not collect money for food from their husbands and any time I asked for the upkeep of our children he would beat me mercilessly.
“I have made all efforts to reconcile with him and ensure he takes up the responsibility of the family, but any time I call him, he says he is on a trip, “the plaintiff said.
Responding to the claim of the plaintiff, Michael stated that he did not agree to divorce. He added that it was true he told his wife that where he came from, women do not collect money for food from their husband.
Speaking on the upkeep of their children he stated that:”My lord, my wife is the cause.  She packed out of my house on her own volition and she can’t expect me to take care of the children after taking them away from me.
“My wife does not believe a single word I say and a relationship where trust does not exist cannot work. I try my best to take care of my children but my wife is in the habit of packing out of the house even when she has issues with any of our neighbours.
“She kept our children away from me and I know that it’s her mother who is always behind our crisis. Anytime we have a misunderstanding, I would have to beg her as if I am courting her afresh.
It is true I told her that in my town, women do not ask for feeding   allowance from their husband. However, I said this in order that she could contribute her quota towards the running of the home.
Even when she moved out of the house with the children, I called her to ask about the kids but she told me I couldn’t speak with them since I wasn’t taking care of them.
“I have complained to her mother on countless occasions on her attitude and she will always promise to speak with her. But my wife has refused to change. She has deleted her mother’s number from my phone because I always report her to her mother.
Having listened to both parties, the court president, Chief  AmusaMakinde adjourned the case till  February  25 to give both parties room for possible reconciliation.


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