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Sunday, 17 February 2019

He told herbalist he was willing to see me die that he might be rich —Wife

•I love her, never wished her dead —Man

Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has adjourned a divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Rukayat Dawood against her husband, Yusuff Dawood. Rukayat in her suit accused her husband of being deceitful and failing in his responsibility as breadwinner. She added that he attempted to kill him.
Yussuf, giving his evidence, denied all his wife had said and refused to accede to claim on divorce.
“My lord, I’ve been struggling and bearing the burden of my family since I got married to my husband, “Rukayat told the court.
“Our marriage is blessed with three children and I have always been responsible for their upkeep. I single-handedly took up the financial responsibilities of their pre-natal and ante-natal care. I was also the one who financed their naming ceremonies. He didn’t contribute a dime towards these.
“We once had a problem with our landlord over rent and when I saw that the issue was becoming embarrassing, I gave my husband a meaningful amount to do the roofing of the house we were building but he refused to collect it. He told me if he did, it could become an issue in the nearest future peradventure he took another wife. We later had a problem with the land on which the house was being built and work on it had to stop.
“I gathered some amount out my business proceeds and gave him to buy another piece of land. I also ensured construction work started on it immediately.  I was the one providing funds for the construction while he did the supervision and was constantly giving me updates on the progress.
“I was elated when he told me the building had reached window level but on visiting the site, I was shocked to discover that work had not gone beyond foundation level. He couldn’t account for the money I gave him for the building till date.
“I arranged that he travelled to Dubai to make a living since his business was experiencing a down-turn but he again refused. I, therefore, advised that he occupied a part of my shop and run his business there. He did but his business still remained in comatose, “the plaintiff added.
“My lord, he told me he met my younger sister at an herbalist house and made me swore I would not tell her that he told me and I did. I later learnt from some people that my husband went to the herbalist because of me.
“He told the herbalist I was using his virtues to prosper. When the herbalist asked him what type of solution he desired, he replied he didn’t mind if killing me was the answer to his problem.
“I brought the issue before his family members who mediated in it and placated me. He also apologised to me.
“I went for hajj and before I returned, he had gone about spreading defamatory stories about me, thus soiling my name.
“I stopped having sex with him when he started threatening me with juju.
“My lord, I’ve had enough of my husband’s atrocities. I pray the court to separate us and put our children in my care in order that I may give them sound education,  ”the plaintiff stated.
Yusuff did not accede to claim when it was read to him.
Contrary to what the plaintiff said, the defendant told the court he and his wife never fought since they got married. He added that he is a responsible father and that his children’s education and general welfare were his priorities.
“My lord, I was surprised when served a court summon, “Yusuff told the court.
“My wife and I never quarreled or fought since we got married 16 years ago. We have both lived peacefully while our marriage has been a blissful one.
“Our children’s education has always been my priority. I pay their fees as at when due while I never failed to provide our home with the necessary needs.
“I was therefore surprised when served a count summon. It’s shocking that my wife could drag me to court.
“I also state clearly before the court that there was never a time I sought the help of an herbalist in order to get rid of my wife. I love my wife dearly and never wished for her death, “the defendant concluded.
After he had listened to both parties, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje stated that more evidence would be needed before judgment is given.
He, therefore, adjourned the case till February 11 and asked both parties to come to court with their children and parents.



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