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Sunday, 17 February 2019

He refused to pay my dowry; slapped my mum —Wife

My mother in-law did family planning for my wife without my consent —Husband

A  woman, Rebecca Folorunso has approached Ile Tuntun Customary, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, seeking that it dissolves her two-year-old marriage to her husband, Kehinde Folorunso.
Rebecca had sought for divorce on the grounds that her husband refused to pay dowry on her and failed to care for her and their only child. She added that he had no regard for her mother.
The plaintiff further prayed the court, if her prayer was answered, to grant her custody of their only child and restrain the defendant from coming to harass or fight her in her house and work place.
“My lord, my husband impregnated me while we were still courting and since I didn’t want to abort the pregnancy because I loved him, we decided to get married.
“I informed my mother of the pregnancy and our plan to tie the nuptial knot and she gave us her nod. But she insisted my husband must carry out the marital rites and most importantly, pay my dowry.
“He agreed to my mother’s demand but we decided to postpone the rites while I moved into his house because my pregnancy was at an advanced stage and it was proper I had our baby in his house.
“His behaviour towards me changed immediately I moved in with him. He refused to contribute towards my pre-natal and ante-natal care despite being under his roof. It was my mother who bore these responsibilities. She also provided the baby’s items.
“He remained nonchalant towards my welfare and even that of our baby after I had put to bed. It was my mother who always came to our rescue by giving me money and buying us foodstuff and other necessary things, “she said.
“He failed to appreciate all my mother did and was constantly rude to her. He flared up and abused her the day she brought up again the issue of my dowry with him. He told her he was no longer interested in our marriage and that she should come for me.
“My lord, the last time he had a heated argument with my mother, he ended up slapping her, “Rebecca stated.
Kehinde did not agree to divorce when the claim brought before him by his wife was read to him.
“My lord, I’m not willing to divorce my wife, “the defendant told the court.
“I love my wife and she loves me, but her mother poisoned her mind against me.
“My mother-in-law is domineering in nature. She treated me with contempt and was always trying to dictate to me and control my home all through the time my wife was with me.
“She circumcised our child without discussing with me; I felt slighted and was wroth with her because she did not take me along.
“Not showing any sign of remorse, she went further to do a family planning for my wife.  She encouraged my wife to keep this away from me but the cat was later let out of the bag, “he said.
“My wife also didn’t help matters. She was in the habit of discussing our issues with her mother. Any time we had a misunderstanding, she would rush to her mother and report me. On many occasions her mother would come to fight me.
“The last time she did, she roughened my clothes and eventually tore them into pieces.
“My wife lied that I slapped her mother. My hand mistakenly hit her when I was trying to escape from her grip, “he told the court.
Ruling after giving ear to the evidence brought forward by the duo, the court president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje adjourned the case till  February 20, and asked both parties to come to court on the next adjourned date with their children and parents for judgment to be given.



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