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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Reason Why Olamide is unhappy with my version of Science Student –Comedian Oluwadolarz

After Instagram comedian, Olamide Ogunleye, aka Oluwadolarz, did a remake of Olamide’s song, Science Student, it was rumoured that the musician wasn’t happy about it.
The comedian had earlier done a version of Olamide’s Wo, and it was shared by Olamide on his Instagram page. But Olamide didn’t share Oluwadolarz remake of Science Student.
The comedian told Sunday Scoop that he didn’t set out to upset Olamide. According to him, he is just doing comedy and he wants people to laugh whenever they view his version. He said, “When I did a version of Wo, Olamide shared it on his Instagram page; so, I felt he would like this too. Before I was told that he was unhappy with my interpretation, I had the feelings too. But when I met him at a video shoot, he didn’t say a word about it. He greeted me and said it was nice to meet me. I believe he didn’t like my video because it exposed certain things that were hidden in the song. But with the original video of the song, Olamide has proved to us that the song is aimed at discouraging drug abuse. If you watch his video well, you will see that he was fighting against the use of drugs.”
Speaking on how he found his way into comedy, he confessed that he once gave up when things were hard for him. “I started doing standup comedy while in secondary school. Whenever we were having events, I would perform. But when I left school, things became hard and I felt the comedy industry was too saturated. I then ventured into music and released two songs. But I later saw that more people were into music than comedy.
“Being the firstborn of my parents’ seven children and that my father is late, I had to look for a job to support my mother. When I was working at Dangote Cement as a truck loader, people felt I was funny and encouraged me to record myself. That was how I joined Instagram in 2014,” he said.
He insisted he had become famous on Instagram even before remaking Science Student. He said, “No doubt, Science Student gave me more followers but people began to follow my skits when I started featuring my younger brother, Tope. I started making money from advert placement on my page last year,” he revealed.



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