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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Olamide releases visuals to counter ‘Science Student’ controversy

In an effort to change public opinion that Olamide’s recently-released single titled, “Science Student”, is unfit for public consumption, the YBNL boss has released visuals for the single to depict his true intentions.
The song which was jointly produced by YBNL in-house producer, Young John and BBanks, ushered in a new trend called the “Shaku Shaku” dance/sound.
Though the song was widely accepted by fans and music lovers, it also received hard criticisms for promoting the use of excessive alcohol, hard drugs, and narcotics.
To clear the controversy that embraced the release, Olamide issued a statement to that effect.
“Since the release of #Sciencestudent, the support has been massive. As you are all sharing, dancing, singing along to this relatable music of mine, I want you all to take some time to reflect on the subject, say no to drug abuse. Don’t abuse alcohol. Stop mixing what you don’t know about. Live responsibly and drink responsibly. Don’t aspire the ‘Highness State’ but a state of purpose fulfilment and passion discovery. Together let’s put an end to drug abuse and save as many lives as possible. The video will be out soon and I can’t wait for you all to see it. #SAYNOTODRUGABUSE #DRINK RESPONSIBLY #SCIENCESTUDENT” he said.
The video which was directed by Unlimited LA further reiterated Olamide’s position on the message of the song.
Mostly shot in what seemed to be a ‘crack house’, the video showed various scenes of activities that happen in places like that, with somewhat disturbing scenes of the effects of the use of illicit substances.
In a bid to convey the message of the song even further, the director of the video was able to make it both educative and entertaining as the trending “Shaku Shaku” dance was infused in various scenes of the video.
A scene of the video clearly had “Say no to drugs” encrypted on a wall.
The highlight of the video was a transition from scenes of the crack house to an unknown destination where a well-crafted flash-mob choreography was displayed to further buttress the idea behind the visuals.
Just recently, Olamide shared a follow up single titled “Omo Ologo” produced by S’bling”
Watch the “Science Student” video below:



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