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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Photos: Lord Chosen Mopol Show Off Their Customized Stick & Iron Guns, Kpangolo Helmets And Tyre Shields

So funny These Photos are so hilarious, Read Also: 5 unique things about The Lord’s Chosen church 1. Their green vest: A lot of people think that this a uniform for the church members, but the church doesn’t see that way. According to the church’s official blog, this is simply to create awareness. It reads, “The main purpose why we wear the ” APRON” is to use it to “CREATE AWARENESS” of an upcoming crusade.”
Lord’s Chosen: 3 things you need to know about church’s apronplay
Lord’s Chosen members with their apron (tlccrmofficial)
2. The special power in their “apron”: The official blog says that God deposited special powers in the vest to motivate everyone to wear it. The post reads, “But because God is in support of the very idea and He(God) really wants the people to do it that way, He gave the people a motivation by releasing His power upon the apron.”
“Whenever the apron is being worn, the wearer receives uncommon favour. When a sick person wears it, the person becomes instantly healed etc… As this person who has received these miracles shared their testimonies, others who saw it as foolishness became motivated and they also joined to wear it and they too also experienced “Power”.
“As time goes on, people who were having sleepless nights, when they wear it to sleep, they’ll have sound sleep like a baby and yoke of having nightmares broke. Some people wear it inside a bus and when they encounter with armed robbers, the armed robbers will tell them “you that is wearing an apron, go one side, we are not here for you”. This was revealed in the article, titled: ‘Why Do Chosen People Wear Apron Part 2.’
3. “Three Fold” Beliefs: Unlike other churches that either don’t have a vision or have just one, this church has three. The first is a grass root revival all over the world. (Mark 16:15-17). The revival of the Apostolic Christian experiences among the body of Christ. (1 Peter 2:9-10) is the second one while Heaven at last. (Matthew 6:33) is the third.
4. Simple weddings: Earlier this year, a Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Church bride in her wedding gown went viral. This was because of how simple it was. The bride, Chichi Uzoezie, shared the pictures on Facebook. Her caption read, “I have to say I love Chosen Church and my wedding was wonderful.”
When people asked for a full picture, she shared it with the caption, “For those of you requesting for the full pic of my wedding dress. I have to say I love my church CHOSEN and my wedding was wonderful.”
5. The founder’s long list of sins: In February 2017, founder Lazarus Mouka, released a list of deadly sins. The use of earrings, makeup, attachment or bangles, flaunting skin, and wearing trousers. Visiting native doctors, occultic practices, robbing, internet fraud, having sexual relations also made the list.
The Lord’s Chosen was born from a divine vision. Mouka had a vision from God in 1994 to leave his former church and start what we now know as The Lord’s Chosen. He obeyed this vision and the church was born on 23 December 2002 with the aim of “preaching the undiluted word of God”.
The first service held on 24 December 2002. It was held in a rented apartment at Ilasamaja, Mushin in Lagos. Only a few pioneer members attended.
Since then, the church has succeeded in making a name for itself with it’s aggressive evangelism and jaw-dropping miracles.
The Lord’s Chosen has also faced a lot of scandals. Yet, none of them has been able to stop it from becoming the megachurch that it is right now.



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