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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Nigerians Kill And Butcher Stranded Whale In Ese-odo, Ondo State

According to the news currently circulating online some Nigerians caught a Stranded whale yesterday, in Ese-odo, Ondo state and Butchered it for Pepper see some reactions on facebook;
Nel Millionz It’s not fair, it happened in some other countries but they help it by pushing it back into the water,why is Nigerians own always different?
Holarbhanji Holaryeankah Ojo Some animals would go under extinction in Africa if laws are not made to protect the animals. I’m not saying the animals aren’t consumable but a sick whale isn’t all that hygienic for consumption.
Marc Akuchinyerem How did you know that the whale was “A STRANDED WHALE?” and how can someone detect from afar, a STRANDED WHALE? How often does a whale get STRANDED? and finally, how does a STRANDED WHALE taste when used for pepper soup???
Kells Blingsz Jacobs People are heartless, do u even wonder, that whale might be a nursing mother that lost her way while looking for food to feed her baby. It could be another whales girlfriend that was running away from her abusive boyfriend and eventually lost her way.. It could be a daddy whale that left his home to go and look for food for the family.. They didn’t even realize that that whale could have his family at home waiting for it to come back to them and you people killed it..



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