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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Combined Stupidity of Ayo Fayose, Femi Fani-Kayode, and Reno Omokri will give APC win win in 2019 By Churchill Okonkwo

The downfall of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in 2015 after bragging for years as the biggest political party in Africa was down to pure stupidity, ignorance, and greed. More than two
years after and with no lesson learned from that epic crash, greedy PDP stalwarts are once more boasting that they are ready to return to the Aso Rock in 2019. My outsiders’ view of the inside, however, indicates that the combined stupidity of Ayo Fayose, Femi Fani-Kayode, and Reno Omokri will guarantee the reelection of Buhari and All Progressives Congress (APC) in 2019.
Today’s PDP is gifted with vociferous, yet the most incompetent trolls proudly displaying stupidity as opposition. Albert Einstein must be thinking of Fayose, FKK, and Reno when he said
that stupidity has no limit. Their stupidity has no limit. The more these political lepers remain the "official" face of PDP and keep exposing their bigotry on ethnicity and religion, the more it helps the cabal around President Buhari and APC.
When Reno and FKK shame fellow citizens from the North with the blunt edge of identity politics, they encourage the politics that gave us APC Nigeria and President Buhari. The “northerners” who are poor and uneducated, the struggling feel belittled when FKK and Renoscorn their "privilege". These Nigerians that are languishing in poverty due to poor governance
are not bemused when they are lumped together with corrupt northern political elites.
Millions in the "North" voted overwhelmingly for PDP for 16 years, then flipped to APC in 2015. The 16 years, winning streak for PDP includes voting for southern Christians – OBJ × 2 and Goodluck Jonathan. Does it not follow then that these millions of voters in the North are not tribal or religious jingoist as being portrayed by FKK and Reno? Rather than wallow in stupidity,
the question PDP, Fayose, Reno, and FKK should have asked themselves is: What changed in 2015?
 One thing that surely changed was the decision of Goodluck Jonathan to renege on the informal agreement reached by the leaders of his party in 2011 to run for only one term. That informal understanding in PDP to be rotating the presidency between the North and the South, though unconstitutional was, in my opinion, a way of approaching equity.
To dismiss the protest of northerners over the decision of Goodluck Jonathan to run for a second term in 2015 is like telling them “shut up, your opinion doesn’t matter, we are in-charge”. We can argue as much as we want that such agreement is non-binding and that Goodluck Jonathan has the constitutional right to run for a second term. Yes, he has the right, just as the “North” has the right to reject a party they stood behind for 16 years. Democracy, right?
The lackluster performance of Jonathan before the 2015 election was further made difficult by the action of master dividers FKK and Omokri who sold the stupid idea to him to campaign
along ethnic and religious sentiments. Because FKK wants southerners and Christians to resent Buhari, a Muslim from the north and support Jonathan a Christian, he displayed stark ignorance of the democratic process. It still amazes me why people that belong to a minority ethnic group and religion are the ones playing divisive politics.
FKK and Reno make empty and hypocritical noise on social media about God, quoting the Bible they knew nothing about just to put Christians on alert. Even though they achieve in polarizing Nigerians, they, unfortunately, forgot that they are alienating PDP members of the Muslim faith and Northerners. The more these promoters of division open the door to overt expressions of hatred, the more they play into the hand of the cabal running the Nigerian government.
FKK, Fayose, and Reno’s anti-North posture on everything, including the life of President Buhari does more political harm than good for the PDP. The cabal around Buhari know this and this has encouraged them to keep demonstrating to their base through political appointments that the presidency under PDP will not protect their interest even if the occupier is the Emir of Kano, not to talk of greedy Atiku Abubakar.
After soundly rejecting Buhari for years, the support he got from the North in 2015 and now, notwithstanding his below average performance should be troubling to PDP. This support can be attributed to the belief that the “North” will be “marginalized under PDP. This is a tragic result of the retreat to tribal quarters, pushed by extremists on both sides, FKK, Reno, and Fayose for the South/Christians and Ango Abdullahi and ragtag, yet potent Arewa Youths for North/Muslims.
While the movement from Reno, Fayose, and FKK has mobilized the capacity, it lacks a coherent agenda. Ultimately, their views about ethnicity, religion, and politics in Nigeria even though sometimes are well-meaning is totally wrongheaded. Nigeria does not need the noisy distraction from these bigots to go away, we just need them to grow up. While FKK, Reno, Fayose and the rest are wasting time on trivialities, APC is massively recruiting and making inroads in the Southeast. They have quickly followed that up with a surprise visit by President
Buhari who has hardly traveled out of Aso Rock.
Rather than opposing concrete issues, Fayose is attacking Buhari for not sending a birthday message to him. FKK and Reno are busy cursing and abusing fellow Nigerians on social media.
Their sweeping mischaracterization of ever Hausa-Fulanis diminishes the role of PDP as an effective opposition party. It serves only as another platform for hate, perhaps ensuring that APC
will stay in office beyond 2019.
If you are a PDP supporter and alarmed at the gradual but sure political deactivation of Atiku, then ask yourself whether this present superficial, ineffectual and divisive rhetoric from the
bigots FKK, Reno and Fayose is actually political opposition. A real opposition party is an essential component of a well-functioning democracy. Right now, the caricature of opposition
from Fayose, FKK, Reno and even double-edged Atiku severely lacks teeth.
So, what is currently missing in Nigerian democratic experiment? How can we move forward? These questions should not have arisen if, for example, we have Prof. Pat Utomi out there in the political arena, fighting, failing, but consistently working to build a force to oust these failed parties of APC and PDP. What we need in Nigeria is, therefore, a third political force that will
put to an end this politics of stupidity and elevation of religion and tribalism over good governance. Without real opposition in Nigeria, our democracy is dysfunctional.
We should not be discouraged by the fear that it will be difficult to challenge the politically corrupt in APC and PDP. I am, therefore, urging all Nigerians that feel unsatisfied with APC and PDP to form a coalition.We can no longer allow the stupidity and conspiracy of the two parties to hold us down. Our failure to rally round a potent political opposition now, the crippling Atiku’s economic base, together with the stupidity of FKK, Fayose, and Reno will ensure that the APC will remain in power beyond 2019.


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