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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Juliana aka Give Toyosi Ladies, On How To Respond To Men

Former Jenifa’s diary star Olayode Juliana aka Toyosi has dished out some solid advise to ladies, using her experience today as a yardstick.
Toyo baby as she is fondly called who recently added a feather to her cap by authoring a book shared her experience at a club tonight while on an errand to a Suya spot.
She wrote:
So, the gist…
A few minutes after I checked into the hotel I was lodging at, I took a stroll to get some #suya
There was a nearby suya spot, it was in the compound of a club. The suya sellers recognised me and soon the Club Manager appeared.
He introduced himself and we exchanged a handshake. As I had been schooled @mineministry in my teen years, I gave him a FIRM handshake. He was surprised and asked why I shook him like a ‘man’.
I was surprised at his response. I can imagine what he is used to. Ladies, please step up your confidence. Look guys in the eyes when they talk to you and if they offer a handshake, please make it firm.
He said something else and I “gave it back to him”, I would tell you that one tomorrow
By the way, I hope you would be at #ribsout tomorrow. I hope to see you and give you a FIRM handshake…lol
MUA @askonyekabeauty
Photo credit: @ernthegrapher
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