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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Fact about Mr Ibu's Biography

John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu, is a Nollywood actor, script writer and comedian who is arguably one of Nigeria’s most talented comic characters.
His humorous acting is often characterised by foolhardiness, hilarious imbecility and an utmost disconnection from reality.

Early Life

John Okafor who was born on 17 October 1961 is from a family of 8. He is an indigene of Umunekwu Village in Eziokwe, Kanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State. He had his primary school education at one of the schools in the village, had his secondary school education at a number of schools in delta state, and then to the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Enugu, where he studied Mass Communication.

Acting Career

His journey into the industry was in 1978, when he appeared in a commercial in a soap opera. From that time forward, the hilarious actor has been involved in scores of movies, including some with Aki and Pawpaw, both of whom he enjoys working with, because of their creativity. He came into limelight in 2004 in one of the movies he was featured titled “MR IBU” which actually gave him the popular nick name: MR IBU because of his funny role as a father of a troublesome kid. He has since acted in over 200 movies including Mr.Ibu (2004), Mr.Ibu in London (2004), Police Recruit (2003), 9 Wives (2005), Ibu in Prison (2006) and Keziah (2007).

Personal Life

Mr Ibu got married to Stella Marris in 2015. He has three children. He lost his first son Emmanuel Okafor which he allegedly blamed on his ex-wife.

Awards & Achievements

In 2014, he won Best Movie Actor of the Year award by the Peace Ambassadors Of Nigeria.
In 2015, he received the ‘best comedian’ award from the governor of Enugu State
He has also won awards for Best Comedy Drama, African Magic Viewer Choice Award and other International awards
He entered an endorsement deal with merrybet in 2014 and also entered an endorsement deal with Gotv in 2014.


In 2012, Ibu went nude in front of a crowd for attention and to solicit money which led to a lot of public scrutiny.

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