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Friday, 22 September 2017

Christian Scholar says, “The World Will End Tomorrow 23rd Of September 2017”

The fiery destruction of our planet could arrive tomorrow if conspiracy theorists are to be believed.
Christian numerologist David Meade has predicted the mysterious planet ‘Nibiru’ will ‘destroy Earth’ in a fiery collision on Saturday.
His claims are based on verses in the Bible, the timing of last month’s solar eclipse, and ‘clues’ he says are written on the pyramids.
A series of YouTube videos also claim the end of days is tomorrow, citing a combination of numerology and Biblical interpretations.
Now a former Ministry of Defence UFO expert has spoken out against the claims, saying they ‘lack critical thinking’.
Nick Pope used to investigate UFOs and other mysteries for the MoD, and is a leading expert on conspiracy theories.
He told MailOnline:
‘We’ll get through 23 September, just as we got through every other end of the world prediction that’s been made.’
‘The bottom line is that if a mysterious 12th planet was really going to hit the Earth on Saturday, we’d all be able to see it right now.
‘If it were this close to Earth, you wouldn’t even need a telescope – it would be visible to the naked eye.
‘If any of this was real, every astronomer in the world – not just Nasa, but the amateur enthusiast with a small telescope – would have known about this for months, if not years.


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