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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

A neglected tourists town of great history: Imeko

Oba Benjamin Oyeditan Olanite

IMEKO, a town in Imeko Afon Local Government Area in the west of Ogun State, Nigeria bordering the Republic of Benin, could be said to be only known, at present, as the pilgrimage city of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC).
Despite its intimidating and enviable profile during the colonial era and even some decades in the post-colonial era and nearness to Abeokuta, the seat of power, Imeko-Afon appears to have been forgotten, as the once great town and its people languish in relative obscurity.
The road leading to the town from Abeokuta is snake-like, hilly and dusty. It is disfigured with steep inclines that cause serious headache to those plying the route. Rainy season is always a period of pain and agony for them.
Colonial Era till Date
IN 1891, what is known as Yewaland in Ogun State today cuts across every section where Yewa river starts, into the lagoon: that is, from Imeko District down to Idogo in Ilaro area, and from Idogo to Ado, to Badagry, into the lagoon. From Badagry down to Imeko and up to Oke Ile, Ijio, Oyo State was called the Western District of Lagos Colony or Meko District: that is the macro Meko District, with Meko as the administrative headquarters, between 1891 and 1905.
Where is the place of Imeko (Meko, Mekkaw, Mekko) today? Neglected, abandoned but not deserted by her children!
But today, all these landmark institutions and the firsts have been relocated! Imeko at present live in the past glory!! The once great town is now nothing, but the shadow of herself!!!
According to the population results, released by the Europeans in 1909, Imeko was 5,000; Idofa 600; Ijohun 400 and Ijale-Ketu was 300, while results considered all others towns as “ordinary villages.”
The incumbent Onimeko of Imeko, Oba Benjamin Oyeditan Olanite (Akanku IV) in a chat with journalists in his house in Imeko, recently said: “There were lots of anomalies against Imeko. For instance, due to lack of records, when states were being created, yet another land that belong to Imeko, Asunnara and Waasimi, were claimed for Oyo State.”
The monarch expressed concerns that Imeko, a community of such great historical importance should not be left undeveloped by the Nigerian government at all levels. Read More


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