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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Wizkid's Latest Signee, Terri Releases New Song, 'Same You'

Terri made his standout debut on Starboy's hit song, "Soco", managing to shine right alongside his label boss and the biggest afropop star in the game, WizkidNow, he's teamed up with the producer of the indelible hit, North boi, for a more mellow track, "Same You". 

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While everyone was reveling in the feelings of love that tends to permeate the air during Valentine's Day, the u-and-coming singer decided to focus on the pain of heartbreak, and how love has negatively impacted his life.  On the track, Terri sings about how some girls stress their lovers out, and how his trust in his significant other was broken due to this. In his words, 'not everyone has it all rosy', therefore he implores everyone to spread love not just to friends and family, but every single being.
Check out the new song right here:



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