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Sunday, 10 February 2019

What Wizkid, Davido, Olamide, Terry G, Others Have In Common

A high percentage of artistes have children out of wedlock. SAMUEL ABULUDE looks into the life of some current male entertainers and what they have in common
In the entertainment world, it is said that sex, women, booze and drugs are an item. You either indulge in it or live with it in bits. The lifestyles of secular musicians and actors are being showcased in bits and pieces. And one of the trends that have defied cultural values is the penchant for our entertainers having children outside wedlock. Some later get married if they believe in the institution called marriage while others just have children from different babymamas and soldier on with their career which they hold paramount.
Children are said to be gifts from God and they are best raised or groomed by a present father and mother not an absentee father. But circumstances, moral decay and other factors all make it difficult for the child to be raised by both parents. Sociologists are also of the opinion that a child grows well in an atmosphere of love and care not resentment.
However, with the number of teenage pregnancies growing by the day and children being born outside wedlock, the society is becoming more dysfunctional as lack of care and abdication of responsibilities by the father or mother of the child has become the bane.
Some entertainers who are sometimes seen as role models are guilty of having children outside wedlock, but they are also human. The mother of the children are referred to as Babymamas. In no particular order is the list of popular musicians and actors who are still single in 2019 but have children outside wedlock.
The rapper, Ice Prince, whose real name is Panshak Zamani, has a son called Jamal with a lady called Bimbo Babatunde.
The Apako master, Terry G, has a son called Rex from his girlfriend who is based in London and has been the brain behind his business success. He plans to marry her at the right time though Terry G in a recent interview with LEADERSHIP says she is not complaining about not having consummated the relationship by marriage.
Highlife singer, Flavour, also has two children from Sandra Okagbue whom they had a relationship together but didn’t last and another from a former beauty pageant winner, Anna Banner. It appears Flavour who assumes a lover boy personality is still in a relationship with his second babymama, Anna Banner.
Indigenous rapper, Olamide, has a great image as a fine artiste and one that has made the streets his sanctuary. Born in Bariga, Lagos State on the 15 March, 1989, in 2000, he decided to pursue a career in music. When asked why music, he said: “I found out I was gifted in it so I had to explore it. It’s my life, my hustle, my world”. The singer in 18 years has achieved tremendously and has been seen as a hard worker and one of the leading lights of the music industry especially rap releasing an album each year.
Olamide, according to reports, is set to marry his babymama. That is if he hasn’t married her quietly already for his private life is best kept a secret. Even reports have it that Olamide’s brother, DJ Enimoney, sires a child outside wedlock.
Wizkid is arguably Nigeria’s biggest pop music export in recent times showcasing the Nigerian brand of pop and afro-pop which in a way has transited to the new genre controversially called Afrobeats – labelling all the pop/afropop themed music from Africans.
Wizkid has held the international music scene by storm being a reference point to the Nigerian spirit of possibilities through hard work and creativity.
Looking at Wizzy’s love life, the Starboy has got three baby mamas, that is three children out of wedlock.
It’s interesting that all the three kids: Boluwatife, Ayodeji and Zion are born by different women.
The singer fathered his first child, Boluwatife Balogun, at the age 21 and his mom, Oluwanisola Ogudugu, was the first woman ever to have a child for Wizkid’s in 2011. She was 19 when she had her son Boluwatife. Things were not that smooth at the very beginning. At first, Wizkid even refused to accept the boy as his own and Sola needed to get a DNA test to prove that the boy is Wizkid’s son. The fight between Wizkid’s and Sola’s families lasted for two years before the famous Starboy finally accepted the child. It’s very touching to see the man posting his love for the son on twitter and taking him to concerts.
The second child, Ayodeji, was born in 2016 by Binta Diallo. The beautiful Guinean-American model, Binta, also needed to make another DNA test to prove that Wizkid was the father of her baby. She experienced a whole year of persecution and bullying started by Wizkid’s fans until he finally recognized the baby as his child.
Zion Balogun is the third and youngest baby born in 2017 and the babymama, Jada Pollock, wizkid’s international manager. Unlike all the previous cases, Wizkid agreed to accept his third son without any scandal and condemnation from the audience. Now, Ayodeji Balogun (his real name) has already decorated his body with a tattoo carrying the three names of his sons.
Will wizkid marry one of his baby mamas? Time will tell.
The Assurance and FIA singer, Davido, has two children officially outside wedlock.
Recall the December 2015 Lagos airport episode where the Davido and his babymama, Sophia Momodu, were embroiled in a fight over the custody of their daughter Imade Adeleke. The fight really put a sour taste in the mouth of both parties resulting in the self-assured singer denigrating Sophia’s uncle , Dele Momodu, and mentioning it in a song.
Davido has since apologised to Chief Dele Momodu.
Born on November 21, 1992, to Chief Deji and Vero Adeleke in Atlanta, Georgia. Davido’s father is a Nigerian business magnate and his late mother was a university teacher.
Just as the DMW has been assuming responsibility as a proud father of two girls from different mothers, he’s planning to walk the aisle or marry his girlfriend, Chioma the chef, who he has flaunted for more than a year and dedicated his song, Assurance, to.
The Other Side
Children are known to be treasure from God and should be raised in a home not just a house. A home characteristically is an environment where the father and mother are present and committed to one another and the children.
Relationship counsellor and president of GOMI, Mrs Gladys Obishili, says children that are raised without both parents – man and woman more often than not suffer psychological disorder and have feelings of low self-esteem, inadequacy and emptiness.
Obishili who is married for 19 years and has been in marital counselling practice for about a decade says, “Children are indeed treasures and should be treated like one. There should be proper planning by the man and woman before deciding to raise a child. Celebrities and also ordinary people in this context try to make a fad out of having and raising children out of wedlock forgetting the psychological trauma the mother and the child face.
“A lot of children who exhibit juvenile delinquency are said to be from broken homes and also from single parenthood because of lack of care and lack of feeling loved that a child should have in his or her early years in life from age 1 to 15 years or more. Children need words of affirmation of love and appreciation from their parents. A girl child gravitates towards the man to receive protection and fatherly care from the father and the boy looks for the motherly protection and care from the woman and if it’s missing they feel inadequate – something is missing.
“Also we can’t rule out the place of godly character and virtues from the bearer of the children as those (children) raised in godly homes turn out better based on statistics. I remember my parents talking about me at midnight that I was a brilliant child and they were proud of me. I overheard  them talking about me in my absence and that made me feel proud and appreciated. That kind of words of affirmation goes a long way. Today’s society and young men and women need to look before they leap as children ought to receive nourishment, love and care from both parents as this is the way God and nature designed it.”



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