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Saturday, 9 February 2019

14 Funny quotes that will leave you laughing in tears

Nigerians have come to realize a long time ago that they are solely responsible for their own happiness. There are some quotes that are aimed at cheering people up and lifting people out of their depressed moods. these quotes would no doubt leave your bodies rocking with laughter.
After all, you know what all work and no play does to you. Nigerians will always find a way to live past the economic situation, hardships and toil they go through daily by finding things that will light up their faces. in view of this, we would be looking at some of the funny quotes Nigerians use from time to time.
This is Legit.ng buzz after all and we are concerned about creasing your faces with smiles and helping you relax as you go through your normal activities. This will help you look out for things that are on the brighter side of life. Do not make yourself a living dead. While you still have breath in you, do things that are remarkable; things that will add values to life and would no doubt guide you towards the path of fulfillment.
Find below some of the inspirational quotes that would leave you with a new energy, pay no attention to the quotes:

1. The ewa quote
Only ewa agonyin can understand the full plight of bread - Tush (2016).
2. Zebra quote
When you have eight tribal marks with stretch marks scattered all over your body and you still want to add tattoos to it. What are you? A zebra? - Unknown author.
3. Ladies
When you keep taking pictures inside various cars and you expect your man to believe you are not cheating. Who exactly are you, a mechanic? - Unknown author.
4. Towards getting married
When you are stuck with an engagement ring for five years what is your mission? To become lords of the rings? - Unknown author.
5. Women
Only a courageous woman can fry a bunch of plantain without tasting any – Albert Einstein (1872).

6. The Nigerian Martin Luther King
Any man that uses his teeth to cut shaki from pepper-soup with his eyes wide open is not afraid of anything – Martin Luther King Jnr (1900).
7. This got us...
Any man who drinks Alomo bitters without squeezing up his face, is capable of murder… - Obasanjo (1999).
8. This is specially for you, yes you!
Drinking garri does not mean you are poor, but allowing the garri to swell-up before drinking is Poverty - Queen Elizabeth (1893).
9. Hausa perfume, oh no
He who says nothing last forever has never tried Hausa perfume – Isaac Newton (1904).
10. Hunger ooo
He who runs around looking for scissors to cut Indomie seasoning sachets is not yet hungry - (Sir Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe 1947).
11. This is hilarious
Anyone who thinks he has many enemies has never been with a mountain of fire member – William Shakespeare (1788).
12. Okbye...
Nigeria was never on the map when God said 'Let there be light' – Goodluck Jonathan (2013).
13. Like seriously
He who fully unwraps a Sharwama completely before eating it cannot keep a secret – Abraham Lincoln (1864).
14. Finally
Whoever reads all these quotes without laughing is looking for a job – Lord Lugard (1914).



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