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Monday, 6 August 2018

Check out why wizkid is in love with Tiwa Savage

How does a man prove he loves a woman? Is it by words of mouth or deeds? Whichever one holds
water, the Pakurumo crooner, Wizkid has done more than both to tell the world ‘Kelekele Love’ nightingale-voiced singer, Tiwa Savage has a special place in his heart.

First, it started with Wizkid posting Tiwa Savage’s picture on his Instagram page. Second, the loving birthday message on Tiwa’s birthday.
Third, the Gidi Fest’s passionate stage kiss. Fourth,The London O2 Arena’s big stage romance and now, Wizkid has totally flipped the cards by using Tiwa Savage as his display picture on his Twitter account. 
Whatever that means, it is like using someone else’s picture on your
identity card.

Tiwa Savage has said before in her hit song that she doesn’t want secret love ‘Kelekele Love’ and what could be more timely than their duet “Malo” ( meaning ‘don’t go’) and both get really emotional when they perform the song together, as evident in the 02 Arena’s epic performance.

Could Wizkid be succumbing to Tiwa’s aversion to secret love by using her picture as his Twitter display picture? Your guess is as good as anyone’s. But it is not only Wizkid making all the moves. Tiwa is actively leading him on too and they seem to have struck a good chemistry.

“You already know how emotional I get, so this is just making me teary. Forget music, you’ve been there for me even when you didn’t have to be. When I doubt myself, you call me ‘mama JamJam’ and put a smile on my face. My dear Ayo, mama Jam Jam loves you,” Tiwa once purred in response
 to a Wizkid’s post.

And of course, when Wizkid introduced her at the Afrorepublik concert in London at the O2 Arena, he was all syrupy.

“ Meet someone special. Stay sexy for daddy,” he said.



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