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Friday, 29 June 2018

Nigerians in Texas back Atiku’s presidential bid

A group of Nigerians resident in Dallas, Texas has thrown their weight behind the presidential ambition of former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar vowing to mobilize the American Black Congressional Caucus in his support.
Operating under the auspices of Atiku Support Group, the Nigerians said their support was based on their believe that the former Vice President has what it take to lead the country and more importantly, because of his resolve to ensure that Nigerians in the diaspora are allowed to vote during general elections in the country.
Chairman of the group, Sir Chris Onyeador said they will go all out to mobilize for the former Vice President, believing that when he becomes President, he will sign the law that will give them voting right.
He said “unfortunately, we in diaspora are not eligible to vote. But we will use our large membership number to mobilize support in Nigeria for him to win the presidency in 2019. We intend to solicit support for his campaign by seeking full endorsement from the members of the black congressional caucus.
“We hope that since he is the champion for extending voting rights to Nigerian citizens in the diaspora, he will have the political will to sign it into law when he takes office.
“We have followed his public and private speeches regarding how to govern Nigeria better for the country to achieve its potentials, both in human capital and sustainable economic development. We also reviewed his past superior performance as the vice president during the Obasanjo administration, where he assembled good economic team to tackle the dilapidated economy after the military handover. The country needs Atiku now.”
“His pedigree is unquestionably impressive that he will use his massive world influence to bring about economic development in the country. He is educated, detribalized, understands the geopolitical structure of Nigeria, and by extension will resolve the current political and tribal pogrom which has consumed the entire country.
“Atiku has the vision to restructure the country within six months of taking office. We believe on his platform to provide infrastructure development, revamp our current dilapidated education system, invest aggressively in agriculture, and resolve the most lingering power problem.
“Atiku has been the only candidate who is advocating to restructure the country. Restructuring where power will be decentralized and reverted to the states and local governments. Each state would utilize their own resources and develop at their own pace. The federal government as is currently constituted has so many appendages spread over which prevents or slows growth. He said.



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