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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

APC government ungodly, protective of criminals -Turaki

Kabiru Tanimu Turaki
The All Progressives Congress government is promoting injustice by refusing to take actions against certain criminals from certain religions and tribes in Nigeria, currently killing and maiming innocent persons in the North Central, a former Special Duties Minister, Kabiru Tanimu Turaki, has said.
Turaki, who is a People’s Democratic Party presidential aspirant, told a media conference in Abuja on Monday that the government had failed Nigerians on all aspects of life and left the country worse than it met in 2015.
The former minister particularly flayed the government for turning deaf ears to the wanton killings of persons in Benue, Taraba and Adamawa and Plateau states by known killers but acting swiftly to punish with death sentence a few farmers from another religion and tribe.
He accused the government of promoting criminality by using different rule to protect its own anointed persons but using a different approach to punish those who commit the same offence from the opposition.
Turaki said, “They treat two different people who commit the same offense differently and this is ungodly. Let me warn that without justice and the prevalence of the rule of law, there will be problems.
“Those who are committing crimes in Nigeria must be promptly punished irrespective of their religions, tribes and political leanings. That is why I state that those who are killing farmers in the northeast must be treated as criminals. Anyone who takes life whether they are Hausa, Fulani or Kanuri must be punished. But this government does discriminatory trial of some criminals and not others,” Turaki bemoned.
The former minister said he offered himself for the position of the president of Nigeria because he has all that it takes to turn Nigeria around and give the nation a sense of hope, patriotism and nationalism, which the APC had since destroyed and left the country and its citizens in a state of despondency and deprivation.
“The challenges of Nigeria make it irresistible for me to run for the presidency of Nigeria and the fact that the country has never been so divided than now. If nothing is done, the Nigeria project may fail.
So, we feel that it is important to get a person that can build a strong bridge and give Nigerians equal opportunities and resuscitate our nationalism and patriotism as well as strengthen our bonds and respect human rights and not the one that chooses which court order to obey or not.
“I consider myself one among those qualified in PDP to lead Nigeria. Since 2015 the question about Nigeria has changed from which party do you belong, to what your qualifications are and what one can do for the country and its people.
Asked to comment on the large number of presidential aspirants on the PDP platrorm, Turaki said he would support whoever emerges as the flag bearer if he fails to get the ticket at the convention.



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