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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Naija Couple Gets Married On A Weekday With Just 7 guests

A Nigerian couple is currently trending on social media after they opted for a very simple wedding instead of the usual lavish one. Mr James and Mrs Blessing decided to tie the knots on a weekday and only had 7 guest as witnesses. The lovely bride was dressed in a simple purple gown, not the traditional wedding dress, for her wedding.
They were joined in holy matrimony in a Catholic Church and that was the end. There was no reception or any further ceremony.
The couple looked comfortable enough so it was clear they didn’t have a simple wedding because of lack of funds. A witness, who was in church praying when they came in for their wedding, was impressed by this and he shared their story on social media.
Read Cyril Akpan’s account of the wedding below.
This couple made my day… Mind you I don’t know them from Adam, and I’m sure there’s 99% chance they won’t see this post…. But even at that I pray their marriage be blessed with everything good.
So today I made a solo trip to church to have some time with my maker(one of my favorite trips lately) , an hour later the mass server began decorating the alter for mass… There’s midweek mass I thought,not until I saw these two walk in, I checked in my mind n it was a Wednesday, not Saturday, Lo n behold it was a wedding…..
They had just 7 guests, two of which were the Godparents… The rest where people like me on their solo runs… In all we were about 17 in d church…. Guess what.. The wedding held, and I couldn’t stop asking myself… So a beautiful lady like this will agree n understand with this young man to cut their coat according to their cloth? I mean she is not even wearing a wedding gown yet so well adorn in purple linen like the scriptural Lydia,… She hasn’t even a keke talk less of a train… Yet she danced like David danced… When ever she sweated she cleaned her face… BY HERSELF…. I mean no maid of honour (or dishonour as many turn out to be)… Gosh…..
Yours truly became the choirmaster choosing hymns from the hymn book for the occasion…
And when the mass ended, I discovered I had to double as d camera man For the paparazzi with my little phone… Oh my goodness
As happy as I was, smiling and finding my way out of the church…. A woman approached me n slipped a polythene bag into my hands saying thanks so much for coming… In it was a pack of First Class rice with a responsible chicken part inside, and a sweating can of maltina…. It was then I realized the wedding reception is over….
In all, these two remained ever smiling n happy through it all….
And I v been asking me since, why do people kill themselves stretching for what they can’t reach? Just to appear exactly what they are not? When true happiness in weddings comes from within? I bet they may not have had the best wedding, but something tells me they will a good marriage.
I pray God should sustain this happiness in the life of this Lovely couple and bless them in All they do… Congratulations Mr James and Mrs Blessing



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