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Thursday, 14 December 2017

NPF Dismised The Policeman Who Try To make His Way Into April Joju Muse Car | Video

April Joju Muse took to her Facebook profile on Tuesday, December 12, to share the video she made while the police officer was trying to make his way into her car.
Looking at the video, Muse could be heard screaming at the officer claiming that he scratched her car. The Police officer then decided to attack her with pepper spray to shut her up. He put his hand into her car and she tried to wind up her glass to stop him. He then angrily broke it and went to to spray her face as she warned that his actions were being recorded.
She was heard saying:
“You scratched me. You want to prove that you are a policeman, I am recording you, continue.” Muse posted the video with the caption: “My dear friends if I die, please look for me at Ajiwe police station. I was brutalized on my way to work. I’ve posted a video.” 
According to Nigerian rapper, Ruggedybaba, the police officer involved has been arrested. He disclosed this in a post on Instagram.
Read below;
“At the sit down with the police and concerned youths this morning, I got loads of tags on the Video of an officer assaulting actress April Muse. I immediately told and showed @opetodolapo who was seated beside me and she swung into action. When it was my turn to speak, it was one of the things i spoke about and @aleeygiwa and oga Moshood were shocked and all got on their phones to see the video.  “Just an hour after, the Lagos Force PRO of @policenglagos @chikeotigodwin just announced that the officer from Ajiwe police station that assaulted actress April Muse has been arrested.
The Lagos state Police Force released a statement saying the officer has since been dismissed, and April has now confirmed that he also paid for the glass he broke.
In a post on her facebook page, she wrote;
Two reasons I’m grateful. The gas could av bn a gun, the man could av bn lynched. Either way, a life could av bn lost. And the situation was savaged before it could be taken advantage of..
But then i ask, if i wasnt able to get a video clip, would it still have been in my favour going by the way the “mopol” tried to turn the table around? So many have fallen victim and have been wasted, forgotten.
Honestly, you my Friends made it happen. We won today, as a team, we exposed the bad eggs soiling the effort of the few good guys in the Nigerian police force that mean well. In good there is bad ,and in bad there is good, but we can make the police force av a greater number of good guys. We won today through individual and collective efforts, we will keep winning. My eyes??? I hope she gets better.
To those asking, I wasn’t “compensated” to “drop case”. (The Mopol paid 10k naira for the glass as I had my hustle to attend to, and that’s all) I didn’t meet with the Commissioner of Police as widely speculated. I’m grateful guys. #ReformNigerianPolice #EndPoliceBrutality
Here is the video:


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