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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Caroline Danjuma Calls Out Celebrities To Protest And Here is Why

Nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma has called out celebrities for not joining the protest that was staged against thw slave trade going on in Libya, Following the recent revelation of the shocking news that Nigerians were being sold into slavery in Libya, a protest was staged in Lagos yesterday to decry the activity and one of the people present was the actress.
Caroline who was disappointed that celebrities did not turn up for the protest took to her instagram page to share a video stating her displeasure.She shared the video with the caption;
“So highly disappointed .. you are the voice of the masses .. those of you here in Lagos couldn’t spare 15 min of your time.. posting one or two pictures because you want followers .. if you can’t fight for the masses then stop seeking for their attention … you only shout when you need them but when they need you , you keep mute .. SHAME. I hope the masses will wise up to really know who cares and invest their energy on themselves .. celebrities take the first step and fight for the masses .. oops I forgot the sun is too hot it will burn your skin ( crap)


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