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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Celebrity stylist Swanky Jerry Sent Inspiring Note To Women And It's Somehow Provoking

Celebrity stylist and fashion entrepreneur, Swanky Jerry has a word for women and it’s a quite thoughtful piece.

He wrote;
‘When a Man is best dressed at a wedding, he trends ,the designer of his outfits gets more clients, women will shower praises at him , the internet and the entire country will praise him and everybody will be happy.
When a Woman is best dressed at a wedding or slays hard at events
This same women who praised the Man , will jump out and you see comments like , haba is it your wedding , this is to much , she is desperate,she wants to outshine the bride , husband snatcher , doing the most ,they will curse out the woman for being pretty they will look for every possible way to make the woman look BAD just for dressing nicely to a wedding .
When a man gets a new achievement,regardless of what it is a lot of women will still dance with him and equally sing his praises. ie say a man buys a house or set up a business or buys a car . You will only see things like congratulations, you work so hard, you deserve it etc .
When a woman gets her own new achievement the same women will jump out and say , tah who dash her ? Where did she get the money ? Who paid for it ? She can’t afford to buy this house or buy this car, it’s a gift , how long has she been working , it’s impossible etc .
When a Man rocks designers Shoes , Watches , clothes,etc you see comments from women saying , wow, shine bright , those glasses are killing , you look dope , enjoyment, etc nobody complains .
When a Woman buys a bag for herself or shoe or even dress these same women who glorified the Man for his latest designer will jump out Enh I know this bag is worth bla bla how did she buy it? Who gave her money ? What unbelievable, she spent that on a bag ? On a shoe ? On a dress ? On glasses ? Her job can’t make her so much . Women you’ll need to do better for yourselves.
Tomorrow you’ll be out looking for equality between men and women,But you don’t support the next woman. You don’t help the next woman to grow all you do is bring DOWN . Women are successful too as much as Men . Even in the old days when daddy has no money or way out mummy has saved plenty money somewhere to save the situation. Women try to lift each other at every given opportunity. Love each other.
Here’s the photo:


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