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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Meet Intelligent 5-year-old Nigerian Boy "Aba Amodu" Who Work As Mechanic To Provide For Their Family

We just stumbled upon an interesting facebook post by Ogi John a; MEET MASTER ABA AMODU.
*5 Year old skillful boy, who helps his father to be able to pay his fees*
The young master Aba is 5 years old and a pupil of Von Felly Primary School, High Level Makurdi, he is currently in Primary 1. He is the last in the family of 4 fathered by Mr Amodu.
Why this writer decided to bring Master Aba up is that, being at age 5, Aba is usually engaged in his fathers motobike shop working, unfortunately Aba will have to stay off school some days to work with his father so as to make up money to pay his fees. One will begin to wonder why this young one who should be doing his home work after school will be under such environment at such a tender age. However Mr Daniel who is the father of Aba is very confident that his son will make him proud one day because he has over time observed the skillfull nature of the boy who is very smart when it comes to craft. When asked why he allowed the young lad to stay off school some says ,he has this to say:
“My son is very smart and most times because of the economic hardship, when i work for some days and gather money i pay a little out of his fees, when they drive him from school he comes to assist me in the workshop”
Mr Daniel relatively added that, if he is having enough cash to pay the fees of less than N10,000 he will not allow the boy come to the shop, also that he want him to be busy rather than stay idle at home.
In a chat with Master Aba, who is unable to speak english fluently, he smiled and responded “I wan be mechanic” #. This little one can be taken off the street and given good education if he dosent miss school. If good Nigerians save a week of not buying recharge cards we can put him in school for a year.
His fathers phone number is 07030330425, or reach out to me to connect you to his school. God bless you.
Just sharing this post is a way of contributing to making this successful.


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