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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

[PHOTOS] This Guy Claim To Be The First Talented Shoe Maker To Ever Make

A young talented Biafran fanatic has taken to Facebook to slam all those who criticise him for supporting and fighting for the restoration of the federal republic of Biafra.
The young man who goes by the name Iyierioba Uzoezie on Facebook claims to be recognised by Google because he was the first person in the country to ever produced a Biafran inspired shoe which Nnamdi Kanu the Ex-leader of IPOB wore on the day he was released from Kuje prison. Beneath is what he posted:
Some people called me jobless man some say am hopeless just because am fighting for Biafra restoration. If am jobless google will not talk about me just type Biafra shoe maker or the man that made shoe Nnamdi Kanu wore the day he is coming out from kuje prison or the first Biafra shoe maker google will give you details about me. I am the first person that work Biafra shoe and demanded for Buhari to inbox me his size .Am not jobless but Nigeria government are killing my dream and my career that is why i want Biafra. No sponsor do you think that any country can challenge Biafra in terms of production no we are creative. The world are afraid of us because we are special people we can survive in any condition oil and gas are not our problem. Give us Biafra in two years it will be the best among the less enye anyi Biafra nwa ntiti oge anyi eme ya okacha nma. Biafra is our last hope Biafra is our home our religion only Biafra will save Africa only Biafra will save us. If we fail to restore Biafra in our own time our generation will suffer do any thing humanly possible to make sure we restore our identity. Udo diri unu Biafra or nothing all hail Biafra.
Below are a collection of shoes he made:


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