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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Trump: The decline and fears of the Wild Wild West (2)

If The Wild Wild West emphasized the importance of a fat military budget and the gun in dominating the world, The Mission Impossible series from Hollywood show how chicanery and the clandestine misuse of intelligence to effect espionage has been an indispensable complementary tool to western military power. These Mission Impossible series reveal that the White Nationalist does not care about skin color when it comes to his interest and will hire anyone with the skill to get a job done. Mr. Barney, a black technology genius, as Dr. Spock in the movie series Star Trek, is employed and prevails in all forms of espionage for the advancement of Western Interests anywhere in the globe. Tich the Vietnamese cripple, and Marti the younger of the two Korean orphans, always kept awake after the movie to play Barney. The West, led by the United States is portrayed to have no rival in scientific innovation, technology and its use to sustain its obsessive vision of global domination, while subverting the objectives of its adversaries.
Africa has been the victim of various forms of espionage by Western Intelligence agencies. Some of the past notorious ones are the assassination of African leaders such as Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, the unresolved cause of the plane crash that claimed the life of comrade Samora Moises Machelle, the role of Shell and other Western multinational corporations and their intelligence agencies in Nigeria in the extra-Judicial killing of Ken Saro-Wiwa, the great civil rights activist and environmentalist, through the Abacha military Jaunta for daring to claim the rights of his people to their oil and environment which had become paradise for Shell, but a curse and threat to the survival of the people. The CIA and other Western Intelligence Agencies are also known to have played roles in the over-throw of popular African governments committed to the nationalization of their investments such as the governments of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Murtala Muhammed in Nigeria and many others. Other areas that are regularly targeted by Western Intelligence Agencies for espionage are African trade and labour unions, where various strategies are applied to control their leadership, among them the granting of privileges to travel to Western countries for bogus trainings in camps that are designed for conditioning the minds of these labour leaders, altering their patterns of consumption and other behavioural techniques, to program their loyalty to Western multinational business managers, oil tycoons, and the west in general.
Under the leadership of the Trump Administration, Western Intelligence Agencies operating in African countries can only be expected to intensify their mechanism of control of the labour and trade union leaderships, the armed forces hierarchy of command, the legislative arms of government so as to make laws favourable to Western investments, and of course the judiciary to influence judges who are willing to hang leaders who support their people against Western business interests. Already, Donald Trump has cut foreign aid by 28 percent which had benefited refugee camps in Africa as well as health and other social welfare programs. Much of this money will be ploughed back to the Central Intelligence Agency for control and espionage maneuvers that even exceed those of Mission Impossible to support Western investments and neo-colonial interests.
The Trump administration’s stubborn insistence to continue on hydrocarbon emission technology as the source of the energy the world must continue to live with, despite an impending eco-catastrophe, is motivated by his desire to advance the profit-driven greed of multinational oil giants such as Shell, Texaco, Agip, Exon, and Mobil who all control the governments of a number of African nations, chiefly Nigeria and Angola. These countries should expect greater oil spills, environmental degradation, loss of farm lands and fresh water for fishing and increased incidence of hydrocarbon emission induced diseases such as cancers etc, when there is an alternative of a more humane and renewable clean energy source. Trump, with the 28 percent cut and transfer of this foreign aid to the military of which the CIA is a beneficiary, can now plan more Mission Impossible activities to control African governments, and gag the people to continue to suffer without bitterness. Under a Donald Trump led Western Imperialism, these retrogressive policies will surely require the trick in Mission Impossible to keep Africa under stagnation and Western control.Thus, the covert and increased application of soft power, by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its client organizations would be necessary to avert popular rebellions that may involve Labour Unions, the National Assembly and traditional institutions which constitute and serve as the back-bone of the people’s resistance. Therefore, some the conventional areas for Western espionage which require the vigilance of African states are:
A CIA funded and controlled engagement of various organizations of ethnic religious and political origins to balkanize African states into useless futile cycles thereby paralyzing their globalization driven regional integration that includes the synthesis of trade and economic zones, construction of regional developmental infrastructures that are the corner stones of production and progress.   
The CIA sponsored proliferation of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that institutionalize neo-colonialism in the interest of multinational corporations and Western interests. 
The CIA induced strengthening of closer ties between American and Western Embassy officials in engaging traditional rulers in the crude oil or mining regions, governors and influential members of the state, national assembly, executive and judiciary branches to ensure the entrenchment of its business interest, such as oil spills, destruction of the environment to maximize their profits against the interest of the people.   
Application of CIA expertise in the hacking and tapping of computers, telephones and all aspects of tele-communications to influence government business which includes the rigging of elections to ensure the victory of local candidates that support Western interest against the people’s interest.
The infiltration of the official hierarchy of the armed forces of all African countries through granting of opportunities for further training of officers in western military institutions, and conditioning them to support Western interests against popular interest and self-reliance.   The infiltration of African trade and labour unions by granting their leaders financial sponsorship for various trainings, labour projects with clandestine western interests and objectives against their people. 
Working together with other secret service organizations to manipulate ethnic nationalities against the National Interest to favour Western Investment and profit.  Undermining the sovereign rights of African states to form regional bodies or participate in collective investments as in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank while divesting from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.
The manipulation of African economies through borrowing, prescription of conditionalities, that undermine the social welfare of the people such as education and health, the devaluation of their currency and value of labour power and undermining the quality of scientific education while encouraging new patterns of consumption, through an over skewed importation against production and an export oriented economy.
The CIA’s manipulated training of students, educational, religious leaders and organizations in Western institutions of learning by awarding bogus scholarships programmed to stagnate African nations and dislocate any budding scientific culture in our primary secondary and tertiary educational institutions which can encourage industrial production and self-reliance.
Trump’s administration is out to deepen the old relationship between Africa and Western Imperialism, with Africa as the source of cheap primitive labour and raw material, and the dumping ground to its new or obsolete wares including second-hand automobiles and other goods; an Africa against itself, which lives for Shell, Firestone, Exon, Taxaco, Total and other multinational corporations; at best a commodity exporter and consumer. For Donald Trump, Africa has no choice as to what form of energy-whether renewable or by hydro-carbon emission, that will determine the foundation of its industrialization. That choice has been made for Africans through the diktat of western imperialism led by the Donald Trump administration in Washington


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