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Saturday, 2 September 2017


This 19-year-old girl is confused and disgusted to death after she had s*x with her elder brother and she is in need of mature advice.

After completing her 4th form, she was sent by her parents to go live with her brother in his one room apartment as she awaits going to college.
Being that he was the only guy she knew, she was so close and so free with her brother and often times they fooled around. They slept on same bed/couch watching movies or playing video games together till midnight. They change cloths in the presence of each other and sometimes while watching soaps she imagines romantic things in her mind with her brother.
One fateful weekend, they were watching TV after he came back from work and he soon fell asleep. She then asked him to put his head on her lap. She was later bored with the movie and decided to be naughty. She put her hands inside his trousers and started playing with his manhood assuring herself that she was in control and nothing was going to happen since it was a mere joke. Things later got out of her hand as her brother pounced on her and they had s*x.
According to her, it was a painful experience as it was her first time and it really hurt. Slapped back to reality, he stopped and she quickly ran to the bathroom to wash off the s*x. He came to meet her in the bathroom and apolgised. He confessed it was also his first time. They both agreed not to tell anyone.
Now, she is afraid of looking at him, she feels dirty and unworthy and is scared of being pregnant. She also needs your support and words of encouragements.


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