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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The Evergreen Ebisan

Looking at the Nigerian music scene in recent times, we have been given a large supply of good music pending on preferences. Yet, the scene is saturated with dominating male figures with back-to-back hits playing in all the clubs and radio stations.  While we’ve seen an increase in female participation over the years, it’s always exciting to see fresh female artists making progress in the industry.
Ebisan Damola is a Nigerian singer and songwriter whose soulful vibe have been around for a while.  Growing up in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, her music is influenced by a mix of different cultures. She explains,  “I have a strong passion for making music, especially evergreen music.”
Alongside completing her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance and a Master’s Degree in International Business Management, she went head-on with her music. Her work Suru was used as the soundtrack for Nollywood hit Tango with Me. Recently she worked with music producer Leriq for her debut album, Finally Here. Guardian Life caught up with the musician who talks about her upcoming album, inspirations and the growth of her career.

How did you initially become interested in music?  Was this the career path you planned?
I was born interested in music. I had no choice! I grew up in a family of music enthusiasts so there was always music playing in the house.  My siblings and I sang together a lot and wrote our own songs too from a very young age.  I knew as far back as primary school that I would end up in the music industry. Read more


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