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Friday, 23 June 2017

Stop beating drums of war - Bode George warns Arewa youths, IPOB, MASSOB

Former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bode George has admonished those agitating for the breakup of Nigeria to desist from beating the drums of war.
In a statement titled ‘Enough of the drum beats of war’, the PDP Chieftain warned various agitating groups to desist from making disruptive and inflammatory comments capable of heating up the polity.
George said: “There is a certain disturbing divisive temper across our nation today. Everywhere, there is an unfortunate passion of ethnic fixity. From the North to the South, there is that befuddled and reckless upsurge of ill conceived provocations towards the abyss.
“From every nook and cranny some people are hurrying and stampeding everyone else to a disruptive agitational campaign.
“From the Biafran young crusaders to the young Arewa reactive promoters of disunion and the Yoruba presumptive withdrawal into a fanciful Oduduwa republic, they are all wrong. We are all living in unpleasant economic season.
“We must all step away from the abyss. We must all sheathe our swords. Enough of this unrealistic war clamour. Enough of these provocations of national destabilization.”
On the peace move by the Federal Government, George said, “the current consultations that our government has embarked upon across the tribal divide is laudable and exemplary. But they should do more. They should widen the consultation efforts by inviting the formidable elders and statesmen who were active participants and managers of our Nation during the dark drama of our civil war. Read more


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