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Monday, 19 June 2017

Femi Fani-Kayode: The lies of a gangster Minister

I watched the Minister Information and Culture Lai (aka Lie) Mohammed’s ‘Politics Today’ interview with Seun Okinbaloye of Channels Television a few days ago and I felt sorry for Nigeria.
I couldn’t help wondering why Channels Television keeps offering its respected platform to this shameless old fool to beam, broadcast and perpetuate unadulterated falsehood to the Nigerian people and to tell specious lies. The whole thing is simply incredulous.
During the course of that interview he told one big lie after the other with such ease and without batting an eyelid. I really do wonder how this man sleeps at night. I guess such things come naturally to him.
I look at his face and all I see is an unconscionable and relentless shit projector and sewage propeller.
He reminds me of one of those filth-ridden open gutters in India’s City of Mumbai: all manner of unprintable and disgusting things flow in and through it for all to smell and see.
Everything about him, including how he looks, what he says, what he wears and how he talks stinks to high heavens.
Like Donald Trump once said about a notorious Mexican drug lord, “this dude is a bad hombre!”
He is the kind of person that would pass a lie detector test with flying colours over and over again simply because lying is his nature. He is possessed by what the bible graphically and aptly describes as a “lying spirit”.
The first salvo of lies that he told us during the course of the interview was that Sheik El Zak​z​aky, the leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Nigeria, was being kept in a guest house with his family and that he was not in government custody. Read more


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